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Letter from Sandy Griffin


My name is Sandy Griffin. My husband is Glenn from Syracuse New York. In case you forgot we met in Minnesota at the last reunion. I can’t believe it’s 2 years. I hope this message finds you healthy, happy, and terrific!!!! I wanted to let you know that we are going to have our personal webpage. It is 1/1 Ladies.  

We will be having the reunion in San Diego California in October. We have a restaurant picked out called the Guadalajara. We would also like to start a fundraiser for a scholarship or special charity. Open to any ideas for this. Maybe a fun auction amongst ourselves, selling raffle tickets to everyone, or whatever we come up with. Does this sound like something you are interested in?  

We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the reunion.  

Semper Fi 

Sandy Griffin 

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sandy griffin wrote on October 26, 2019
Hi ladies
The weather here is wonderful!! My hair and I always have a problem in warm weather!! This is perfect!! I hope everyone had a wonderful time at lunch! It sure is nice to see friends you missed over the years and make new ones. Welcome to all!
If you could , pass the website to anyone who wants to be connected to the ladies site,
Our next meeting will be in San Antonio Texas. Late March or early April.
Maybe then we can fundraise for the organization. I am thinking of a " Chinese auction" we bring things that women would like to have and by buying tickets they have a chance to win it. Also we can sell raffle tickets at the banquet and raise funds then too!
Let's keep in touch and please let me know how we did and didn't do!
Thanks for listening. Sandy
sandy wrote on October 26, 2019
Hello ladies
Isn't this weather the best!!? We couldn't ask for better! I enjoyed the luncheon at the Guadalajara restaurant on Thursday. Then the graduation ceremony brought some tears to my eyes. Seeing those young men and women carrying on the tradition. It's good to know that we are still on good hands!!! The memorial at soledad was amazing!!
It's all coming to an end soon. I know I am a newbie to the group and I just wanted to have us women get together for a lunch too! Also I wanted to do a Chinese auction and raise some funds for the organization. Maybe next one.
See you later at the banquet! If you have any suggestions feel free to reply
Thank you
sandra griffin wrote on October 7, 2019
Hi Arlys
I am happy to hear from you. I suggested jewelry, scarves, any clothing items, t-shirts, aprons,kitchen ware. Something not bulky or heavy that needs xtra room in suitcase.
Thank you sandy
Arlys Kendle wrote on October 6, 2019
Hi Sandy, I'm Bill Kendle's wife. Thank you for organizing this fundraiser. Could you please suggest some things you would like us to bring. I will be flying in so that limits some of the items I could bring, for example lotions, bulky items, etc.
I'm looking forward to this reunion.
sandra griffin wrote on September 29, 2019
Hello Ladies
I am looking forward to seeing you in Cali!! If you would like to do a fundraiser for the reunion, bring something ladies might enjoy. Such as jewelry, scarves, sachet, lotions or anything that we can raffle off by purchasing tickets. The money will be used for the reunion and charities of our choice. Also should we limit the price of these items to raffle?
So I am anxious to hear from you.
Thanks for being part of the reunion.
Semper Fi
kendle wrote on August 28, 2019
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