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Blackie wrote on March 21, 2019
Site looking better every day... Where is our Medina MoH recipient Perkins? There are web sites (& books) for MoH, NC, & SSM recipents which give citations also... You can find Capt Marsh Carter & Perkins there... Alson Marines captain is abbrvtd 'Capt', NOT 'CPT' which is Army... Maybe a few I/1-ers can work together to locate our bros... M
Frank L. Martin wrote on March 1, 2019
I served with the First Platoon Delta Co. First Squad RPVN 66-67
Medivac out 4-67 .
Harry Brown wrote on February 4, 2019
I was Squad Leader & Plt. Guide with 1st Plt .
Delta '66-'67.
In country May '66 . Rotated back to the world in June '67 .
Stephen Tantillo wrote on January 29, 2019
I was a L/CPL with ALPHA 1/1 At Con Tien, Hue and up on hill 861.I was a Cpl SQ. Leader until Floyd returned. Then was transferred to Echo 2/7.
Was with Alpha co. Oct. 67 thru May 68
Daniel Schroeder wrote on January 29, 2019
we are back on lets go marines. who ever done this job well done
Bob Koury wrote on January 29, 2019
Bill / Nick- Congratulations and thank you for creating this exciting web site. Here's hoping that lots of our brothers find it useful, and that they share contact information for those not yet in the fold.
Semper Fi,
murphy, thomas, doc wrote on January 28, 2019
Doc with Delta 1-1-1 May 67 june 68
Alan J Janssen wrote on January 28, 2019
C/1/1 1969 Get Some Glad to see the website back on line. Arbor Vitae, Wis. cell 715-892-2116 land line 715-542-2111
Nick wrote on January 17, 2019
Welcome to the 1st Battalion 1st Marines Vietnam reunion website. Feel free to use this guestbook.