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Glenn wrote on February 16, 2021
Sad news ssgt. Herb Kahrer D1/1 passed away December 2 2020. Gunny as we knew him was a real hero on881s and 689 where he was severely wounded. RIP guns im sure there are good cigars and wi.d turkey within the pearly gates.
George Alan Reischling wrote on February 10, 2021
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!"-Vietnam soldier saying- Mission accomplished!! Courage on the Mountain-Captivating, True, Free on Amazon Prime- Glad that you made it home Brother!
William Bahan wrote on January 13, 2021
Still looking to put a name to the many unknown faces on the Delta Company photo album pages. To view the site, go to the links window at the top right of the 1/1 website. Thanks, Bill
Peter Glasgow wrote on January 7, 2021
Michael "Grapevine"
Cline, good man, good friend. Michael's obituary is below.
Semper FI
Peter Glasgow wrote on January 7, 2021
Michael Peter Cline
June 26, 1950 - December 28, 2020
Michael Peter Cline, (aka Grapevine, Bub, Baybo, Daddy, Paba and Grandpa) age 70, of Kunkletown, PA passed away early Monday morning, the 28th of December, 2020 of an heart attack. He leaves many broken hearts.
We are celebrating his life at Gower Funeral Home in Gilbert, PA on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 from 9:30 am until 11:30 am. Burial will follow at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery at 2:00 pm.
Michael was born in Bethlehem, Pa on June 26th, 1950. He graduated from William Allen HS in 1967 and immediately joined the United States Marine Corps. He turned 18 in boot camp and turned 19 in Vietnam where he served for 13 months until he was injured. He was then sent on a Med-cruise where he was awarded the Navy Achievement medal, which was amazingly photographed! Michael was then on to 8th & I, in Washington DC where he worked his way (setting records all the way) to Drill Instructor. Michael was honorably discharged a Corporal in 1974 after 2 years in reserve.
Michael was married to Brenda Lentz in 1972 and they had 2 children (twins) Jenny and Jason. They were married 8 years.
Michael worked at Mac Trucks in Allentown, PA for 9 years, during which time he built his own studio and formed a band called “The Breaks.”
After being baptized together, Michael and Diana Johnson were married in 1983. They were happily married for 37 years and together for 40. During all this time, Michael played guitar and wrote songs with his beloved Diana.
Michael worked for 20 years at Cooper Mechanical in Ottsville, PA.
Michael is survived by his wife Diana, and their 3 children, Rachel, Jessica and Nathaniel, and Jenny and Jason from his previous marriage. He is survived by 4 of Jenny’s children, Lauren, Alex, Olivia and Emily. Michael is survived by 6 grandchildren; Ezra, Ellis and Phoebe (Rachel) and Lilly (Poprecaterpillar,) Weston and Sawyer (Jessica.) Michael is also survived by his brothers Thomas, Andrew, Joseph, Jonathan and Peter, his sister Susan and many nieces and nephews and other family and friends.
Michael was preceded in death by both parents, William Mathew Cline and Eleanor Mickley.
Michael made an impact in all our lives. He was a one-of-a-kind amazing man and was greatly loved. He will Iive on in our many stories. Having spent his life loving the Lord and reading his beloved Bible,
James wrote on December 19, 2020
Hi served dec1969- july1070 corpsman 1 medical Battalion ? corpsman
Paul adams wrote on December 18, 2020
I am trying to find my dad's company brothers 1b 1m bc Vietnam 67_68
Robert Zerby wrote on December 17, 2020
I was a 2nd Lt in 1971 with the 1st Marine Division ( Hill 55, Hill 327 ). That was the best year of my life ! Semper Fi, Dr Robert William Zerby, Home = Grasse, France. Email =
GLENN Thomas GRIFFIN wrote on November 10, 2020
Happy Birthday Marines. S/F
GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on November 1, 2020
R.I.P. Jim, you will be missed. I still play video you put together on u-tube. Deepest sympathiesTherese S/F
Theresa McNerney wrote on October 31, 2020
This is James McNerney’s wife. With much sadness I must tell you that Jim passed away on October 3rd. He was a wonderful man who lived the Lord, His family and his Marine brothers. He had may interests and touched many lives with his kindness and humility. I was married 50 years to Jim and it wasn’t long enough. I miss everything about him and always will. God bless the
Marines and God bless America.

Therese McNerney

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Wayne Montgomery wrote on October 29, 2020
I served with Charlie 1/1 from October 1968 till September 1969. On July 24th, 1969 (verified by 1/1 Chromology link) Charlie Company encountered a "Daisy-chain" booby trap set up in some bamboo. Shrapnel rained down and severely wounded 6 Marines. When we tried to go over and give first-aid, two additional booby traps were detonated. Our company commander yelled, "Everybody freeze! Count to 60, then back-track 20 meters!" Those of us that were not wounded did just that, except for one of our corpsmen. He threw off his helmet, flackjacket, cartridge belt, and backpack. Then he picked up his medical bag and started for all the wounded. Our company commander then yelled, "I said freeze, asshole, and that means you!" To which the corpsman simply replied, "You do what you have to do, I do what I have to do." He then proceeded to go over and pick up each of the wounded and bring them to safety to be treated. In a ceremony in the rear a month later, he was awarded the Bronze Star. A real bullshit medal for such heroism. At one time I wanted to try to get his Bronze Star upgraded, but I don't know what his name is. At several of the previous 1/1 reunions I tried to see if anybody else knew his name, but no success.

I have given up trying to upgrade his medal. Now I want to contact his family and tell them of his heroism. Will you help me get my request for information posted to the message board?

LCpl Wayne Montgomery
Charlie Company
Third paltoon, "guns"
October 1968-September 1969
GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on October 28, 2020
Attention on deck: To all 1/1ers we will be having a small celebration in Syracuse area on MC Birthday. If interested send me a note for further details.
S/F Happy Birthday
GLENN Thomas GRIFFIN wrote on October 28, 2020
Attention on deck. to all 1/1rs, we will be getting a small group together in Syracuse area to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday and Vets day. All Vietnam vets from 1/1 are invited. If interested give me a call at 315-440-2345 for more details. In the meantime Happy Birthday and S/F.
Delta1/1 67-68
WILLIAM DILAURA, jr wrote on September 10, 2020
I just got my copy of the Leatherneck magazine in the mail today, and notice that Roger E. Tabbutt from A 1/1 had died.
It listed he 71 from Winchester, Ohio. Served in the Corps from 1967-1971 and saw action in Hue City.
GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on August 6, 2020
Hi doc on my way to VA for a pet scan will be in touch, keep your head down.
Doc wrote on August 4, 2020
Sorry, add a zero to the end of that phone number
Doc wrote on August 3, 2020
Glen, if your question is directed to me, I'm Doc Callin or 661607567 at any decent time central time
GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on August 2, 2020
Who is this ? Please advise would like to respond.
Robert Haney wrote on August 2, 2020
Hello, my father served in Alpha 1/1 in the late 60s/ early 70s. His name was Sgt. Scott W Haney. Did anyone here ever happen to know him?