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Renee Heck wrote on October 17, 2019:
Sorry for double posts, but I realized I did not put any contact info, if someone did know my dad, is my email. Thank you all again.
Renee Heck wrote on October 17, 2019:
My Email is
Renee Heck wrote on October 17, 2019:
Hello, I am looking for anyone who served with my dad, he was in 1/1 Charlie Co 1968 to 1971. His Name is William E Heck, probably went by Bill. Any help would be great!
William David Marin wrote on October 15, 2019:
Semper Fi !!!!!!!! I am a Vietnam Veteran , A U.S.M.C. I live in Lenoir,N.C. 28645. In Vietnam 1970-1971. On Hill 10 . Got wounded on Feb.14,1971. A Company 3rd Platoon. Would love to come to reunion but because of health reasons I can not. Semper Fi !!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlton Gibbs wrote on October 14, 2019:
Original first Marine battalion 2 leave the States August 1965 by sea aboard the USS bear 28 days Non-Stop to Da Nang South Vietnam
D company weapons platoon anyone remember teaching an playing
pinnacle when not on patrols or n jungle corporal Buttles you out there?tour10/66
Rod Lewis wrote on September 28, 2019:
I flew out of El Toro on April 24, 1967. I had been trained as a Sniper at Camp Horno on Camp Pendleton. We ended up landing at Da Nang where I and a couple of my fellow Snipers were assigned to Headquarters Company, Sniper Platoon, 1st Marine Regiment. We were located just south of Da Nang. We traveled in pairs and my partner and I were assigned to 1st Battalion and they sent us out to what I call the Mud Flats and attached us to Charlie 1/1.

As it turned out I was assigned to Charlie several times during my tour. In fact I was with Charlie on Operation Medina which has been memorialized in a book called "Lions of Medina". I was in Hue during Tet and my last operation was sweeping Highway 9 from Dong Ha to Khe Sahn.

I won't be able to attend the reunion due to medical reasons.

Semper Fi
Sniper Rod
Glenn Griffin wrote on September 26, 2019:
Trying to communicate with Gunny Canley MOH to extend invitation to 1/1 reunion if any knowledge please advise. S/F
GLENN GRIFFIN wrote on September 7, 2019:
it was 52 years ago yesterday that due to circumstances I first carried the radio as a squad radioman for 1st squad 1st platoon Delta 1/1. It was during the bloody operation Swift in Que son Valley in support of 5th Marines. The NVA were fire team rushing us across a paddy until air support and our fire suppressed them. In the early morning pre-dawn hours my squad was selected to leave the perimeter and rescue a wounded Marine, thought for sure it was going to be last day on earth. We succeeded in rescue and from that day until May 26th 68 I had the radio on my back.
Ed Genis wrote on August 18, 2019:
Ok here is the boot speaking in country 70. First with Alpha 1/1 then to Charlie 1/1 hope to see any of my squad come October and anyone else I served with
David Scott Jones wrote on August 8, 2019:
Ed flew out El Toro to Alaska and had a 2 day layover in Tokyo because of a typhoon. I was assigned to Dealt on the 6th, but was to the 106's on the 13th.
Edward Klek wrote on August 7, 2019:
David Jones , I too arrived in Vietnam the same day 9/6/66 with D1-1 Did you fly from El Toro ?
David Scott Jones wrote on August 1, 2019:
Served with H&S 106s from Sept 6, 1966 to Dec 22, 1968. Was attached to all the line companies at one time or other. Hope to meet anyone who hasn't been to any other reunion.
Mike Brown wrote on July 13, 2019:
I returned from Nam in May ‘71 with Fox 2/1. I served later at Lejeune with Roy Fewell, who was with Alpha 1/1, pretty much sure in ‘69. Roy passed in 2001, complications of AO. I have found his daughter and she hopes she might find someone who remembers her father from Nam. Thanks for your time and welcome home brothers.
DJ (Jim) Bertagnoli wrote on July 9, 2019:
I was with Delta-2 all of 67. Looking forward to seeing guys I served with.
Bill Kendle wrote on June 29, 2019:
SSGT Williams. I hope our company liked the two new radios we borrowed from an idle Army Jeep. I also remember when you gave me a satchel full of thermite grenades and ordered me to get rid of the equipment if we got overrun.
It's been over 50 years and I look forward to meeting you once again at the reunion.
Semper Fi
Ronald Williams wrote on June 14, 2019:
I was real happy to find out this web site even existed. Really nice job,so keep it up. I was the radio chief for the 1st Mar Regiment from 1969 to 1970. I was at Dong Son 1, then at Dong Son 2, Wound up on Hill 55. Anyone there with me, it would be great to hear from you.
Fred Pierce wrote on May 23, 2019:
Succeeded Lt Price as Supply Officer H&S Co 9/66 - 6/67 at Hoi An. Hoping to see some other "old" Marines in San Diego!
Edward Klek wrote on May 13, 2019:
I was with D1-1 the last few months of 1966.
If any of the great marines I severed with reads this,I'd love to hear from you. Simmions,Amore,Gracia Tom Jones,Harper, Leahy,Shane from Vegas.
Thanks for a great site.
Samuel Surovy wrote on May 5, 2019:
Looking forward to reunion in Oct.
1/1 106's '64-66 and seeing any other "old" marines
Glenn Griffin wrote on April 28, 2019:
Hello and Semper Fi to all. This new web-site is outstanding. As a few are aware Ive been fighting cancer and unfortunately don't have a great prognosis regards the future and longevity. In spite of this I plan on attending our reunion in October. I plan on fighting this as long as I can. In fact heading for Vegas, then Hawaii and the Seattle next month for Khe Sahn Vets reunion. Hope to see some of you there if not definitely in San Diego.
Delta 1/1 Company radioman 67-68.