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GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on August 6, 2020:
Hi doc on my way to VA for a pet scan will be in touch, keep your head down.
Doc wrote on August 4, 2020:
Sorry, add a zero to the end of that phone number
Doc wrote on August 3, 2020:
Glen, if your question is directed to me, I'm Doc Callin or 661607567 at any decent time central time
GLENN T GRIFFIN wrote on August 2, 2020:
Who is this ? Please advise would like to respond.
Robert Haney wrote on August 2, 2020:
Hello, my father served in Alpha 1/1 in the late 60s/ early 70s. His name was Sgt. Scott W Haney. Did anyone here ever happen to know him?
Doc wrote on July 31, 2020:
This is to Glen Griffin. I am very sorry to hear of your health issues. I too had cancer, not AO related and a stroke as well. I do remember you well. Allow me to set the scene. You me and Steve Lampo (RIP) settling in somewhere in the bush and two "Nicky New Guys ".walk by and one says in a high squeeky voice "Hey, let's build a hootch" hilarity ensued. I thought Steve was going to have an aneurysm
Doc wrote on July 24, 2020:
I was with Delta 1/1 though I was iniyially assigned to Charlie Co. in July 67. I was there, Mud Flats I think, when Sgt Corns got hit.Also Pike, Swift, Medina others that I've forgotten. Medina still haunts me at times. So many names that I remember. Griffen of course,, Novmbre, Dennis, Doc Reinke, Steve Lampo. Foggaletti, Guyette(Kahuna) Zag Bockman, Bingle, Gaston, Semonic, Paradise, Gunny Pelke Angerstein, Some I tagged and bagged. I hope the rest did well as I did
Glenn Griffin wrote on July 12, 2020:
Went north from HoiAn to Quang Tri in late september or early October. Defense for new air strip, then Medina, then Con Thien for a pleasant colorful fall eason.
Glen wrote on July 9, 2020:
looking for 1/1 members from 1966-1967 that went up north with us in1967
Glen wrote on July 9, 2020:
looking for 1/1 members in 1966-1967
Glen wrote on July 9, 2020:
Looking for India 1/1 members
Glen wrote on July 9, 2020:
Delta 1/1 1966-1967
Paul .B. Martinez wrote on June 4, 2020:
I’d like to get in contact with Sam Surovy . We were in 106 ‘s ( 65 /66)
Great web site
Semper Fi
Gary r. Buddles wrote on May 29, 2020:
i remember those card games very well. carlton gibbslet me know how you are doing.
Kathy wrote on May 24, 2020:
Ed Klerk
Please contact me if you were with Danny White on the night he was killed 10/1966
Rick Grassa wrote on February 14, 2020:
2nd Platoon, Bravo Co 1/1. The Gateway to Dodge if you remember the sign. I arrived Dec 31st 1968 (Still can’t figure that one out) and left the end of Jan 1970. Our AO was Dodge City, The Sand Dunes (Ngan Cau), Bridges, some time in Arizona Territory and other places that I don’t think had names. Welcome home everyone.
Stephen Kane wrote on December 8, 2019:
Steve Kane says Happy Holidays to all 1/1 Vietnam Vets. I served with Bravo & Charlie Co in 1967 & 68. Radioman for Arty FO team. Scot Camile was my FO Sgt. In "Lions of Medina," I'm the Marine standing next to Col. Belbusti& Capt Major. Lost a lot of friends,absolutely the fiercest combat any of us had seen. Finding this website is unreal. Hope to hear from others who I fought with. Stephen M Kane
George Reischling wrote on November 25, 2019:

"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" 25th Infantry Division- Tay Ninh, Vietnam- Operation Cliffdweller- over one hundred 5 star reviews- Glad that you made it home, Brother!Courage on the Mountain-
Glenn Griffin wrote on November 17, 2019:
RIP Wilma Ring, wife of board member Bill Ring. She was a super supporter and attendee at our 1/1 and Khe Sahn Vets reunions. Details were published last week in Cincinnati Enquirer. We lost a great friend.
William Bahan wrote on October 20, 2019:
Looking forward to seeing everyone in SD. I will set up in the hospitality room with a scanner, so bring the pictures you would like to add to the Delta Company Memorial website. Semper Fi, WB