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danny schroeder wrote on June 21, 2021
hi mathhew i was with your uncle that day we call him animal my email is dn schroed @aol. com and i tell you more
Matthew wrote on June 17, 2021
Hello heros! My uncle PFC Phillip Hammons was KIA near dodge city on June 23rd 1969. He served in C Co 1/1. I never got a chance to meet him and don’t have any family left to remember him and his sacrifice. If you served with him and can tell me anything about him I sure would appreciate that. God bless all of you.
Blackie wrote on June 2, 2021
A new set of pages - 'Hué Forum' - will be placed on our website... Look for it... We'll be asking for contributions (stories, photos, etc)... The upcoming News letter will have info on the forum, which will be held Fri afternoon 8 Oct of the reunion (per current schedule)... Hué City Vets (ALL companies) pls respond when asked! Semper Fi, Blackie - S-2/SSO & Skipper Bravo
Blackie wrote on June 2, 2021
Re 'Fred Caleffie wrote on April 23, 2019' - Sorry you can't be there for Hué Forum... There should be recording of some sort that you can see following San Antonio... Welcome Home, Fred! Semper Fi, The Skipper
Blackie wrote on June 2, 2021
Re 'Wayne Montgomery wrote on October 29, 2020' msg - My experience re upgrades for action described in brief in msg has be BSM w/V will stay as is... From action described - no further booby traps detonated, no intense enemy fire into zones of action that fully endangerd Doc, plus need for add'l 'eye witnesses' - mitigates against UG to SSM... Sorry 'bout that...
JMHEx... Resp'y, The Skipper
Blackie wrote on June 2, 2021
For Heredia, 3d Herd - Trust you know that Bo Stollenwerck passed away a few years ago... Spke w/him in his last year... He headed MCL in Augusta for years... Trust you're keepin well & staying safe... Semper Fi, The Skipper
Thomas Cooper wrote on June 1, 2021
edward cooper was my uncle
Tim Halpin wrote on May 29, 2021
Sorry. Ken Cluckey
Tim Halpin wrote on May 29, 2021
One of your Proud Members A/1/1 Hue City passed away on 10 Feb 2020 at age 83. Kenny and I were buddies. He the Old Man of our group of Sailors and Marines. He first joined the Marine Corp in 1954. Did it again in 1966 arnd 28/29 Years Old. An Old Grunt. 2 Hearts and a BS with V. Enjoy your time together. This Old Navy Flyboy was C 130 A/C supporting 3rd MarDiv, Navy Medical and Sea Bees in I Corp. All those Garden Spots. Flew out of DaNang to Phu Bai, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Khe Sanh. I'm glad I hap the opportunity to support the Marines. Thanks for all you did. Tim
Bill Kendle wrote on May 5, 2021
Danny Sch..Click on the link Posted for Hotel Reservations in our Website. Its all there using your keyboard. Does seem to work fine.
danny schroeder wrote on May 5, 2021
David Jones wrote on April 29, 2021
Looking for any 106ers. Contact me at
Dave "Jonesy" Jones wrote on April 29, 2021
Looking for any 106ers who from '66 thru '68. Contact me at
RICHARD Medved wrote on April 18, 2021
I noticed the KIA section is missing Doc Feltner. He was KIA on Hill 22.
FYI: Feltner, Gerald Lee, HN,
A. Co., 65-10-30

Thank You,
Doc Rich Medved A & C companies Jul 65 - Sep 66.
Harry Brown wrote on April 14, 2021
Delta Co. 1Plt. May '66 - June '67 . I live in Greenback ,TN
Rod"lLurch" McLaren wrote on April 12, 2021
Kudos to the reunion committee. It may be premature, but from what I've read, they put together a REALLY good package for us. Look forward to seeing everyone Rod "Lurch" McLaren 60 motars 67-68
Blackie - Bravo wrote on April 11, 2021
'68 Bravo Marines, Mike Archer, & DPAA are still searching for Tom Mahoney's remains ion the sides od Hill 685 of the Hill 881S complex... No timing yet known for the continued search... Frank Ahearn & Tom Northrop went back to narrow down the search parameters... Mike Archer & I have been keeping san ear to the ground re movement by DPA to resume the search... Nothing yet...
John Truszkowski wrote on February 23, 2021
I was with A Company, 1st Engineer BN, 1st Mar Div from 67-70. I would like to hear from anyone I served with from 68-70
Rick Heredia wrote on February 23, 2021
I was with Bravo Company 1/1, Third Platoon 68/69. I'm trying to find some grunts I served with.
I would like to get in touch with someone from Bravo. SF
Bob Jackson wrote on February 23, 2021
In Remembrance;
Mike Sharkey passed away September 2020.