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BILL DILAURA wrote on May 22, 2022

A 1/1 HUE 68
Wayne Montgomery wrote on April 19, 2022
So sorry to hear about Henry J. Trautwein, Jr., a larger than life, Marine's Marine. I will never forget his coolness and focus during intense fire fights out in Dodge City.
catherine roepke taylor wrote on April 9, 2022
First and foremost,my heartfelt thank you for your brave and valiant service to our country. Welcome home and God Bless you all.
I would love to hear from anyone who knew LCpl Phillip Roepke A Company. He was KIA 1-8-67 SQUAD ENGAGEMENT ON PATROL 5 KM WEST OF DIEN BAN.
My email is I would so appreciate hearing from anyone who knew Phillip. Thank You
M. Valdez wrote on March 7, 2022
Luis Valdez, Vietnam 1967-68, 1st Force Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division; two Purple Hearts. Passed away unexpectedly 6/9/17 after a brief, acute respiratory infection that he fought so bravely - all of you fellow Marines would be proud. He retired in the '90s and enjoyed his family, travels, and volunteering. His immediate family looks forward to attending the 2022 reunion in his honor! Semper Fi
Peter Glasgow wrote on February 1, 2022
It is with great sadness I share that Diana Cline passed away on 12/04/2021.
Her husband Michael had died 12/28/2020. Michael served with Alpha Company 1/1. Huge loss! Please pray for his family.
Smper Fi, Pete
Peter Glasgow wrote on February 1, 2022
It is with great sadness I share that Diana Cline passed away on 12/04/2021.
Her husband Michael had died 12/28/2020. Michael served with Alpha Company 1/1. Huge loss! Please pray for his family.
Smper Fi, Pete
Bill Kendle wrote on January 21, 2022
RIP Glenn
William "BILL" Bahan wrote on January 21, 2022
Just heard about Glenn Griffin. I met him for the first time at the St. Paul reunion, and immediately felt a bond with him. He was just such a sincere person and gentleman. Like many of you, I was looking forward to seeing him and Sandy in San Antonio. If anyone lived Our Motto, it was Glenn. Semper Fi and Rest in Peace. Bill
Nick Newman wrote on January 18, 2022
I didn't know Glen Griffen in Vietnam as I left at the end of March '66. But as we talked over the years, it turned out we had a couple of things in common: He was a Radioman with Delta , and his CO was my old CommO Capt.jIM Gallagher.
After our Marines careers, we both entered the insurance industry.We both worked for Arthur J. Gallagher ( unbeknownst to one another at the time).RIP Glenn!
Henry Willis wrote on November 18, 2021
Good to find your website. I was an HM3 in 1969 assigned to Bravo 3rd platoon (also Alpha during Doc Smith’s R&R) before assignment to the Regimental Aid Station in 1970.
Edward Klek wrote on October 1, 2021
I see the surname Garcia,as people that are going to the reunion. Any chance does anyone know a Garcia that was with 1-1 in 1966 ? Only know the last name. My great marine buddy wore glasses. Cast of Thousands .
GLENN Thomas GRIFFIN wrote on September 14, 2021
For those that are interested you can go to u tube and watch Dedication Ceremony of 1/1 Memorial. Type in 1st Battalion 1st Marines Memorial Site at Quantico also 1/1 Memorial Chapel Ceremony.
GLENN Thomas GRIFFIN wrote on September 13, 2021
Yes we have a beautiful memorial at Marine Corps Museum. It represents and memorializes all of the 567 Marines and Corpsmen we lost. It was built with funds from donations mainly by 1/1 Vets.
Fred Caleffie wrote on September 11, 2021
Did 1/1 have a memorial built at the USMC Museum?
Rosella Trautwein wrote on August 28, 2021
Maj. Henry J. Trautwein, Jr. laid down his pack 4/11/2020.
He received 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars w/ Combat V, and 3 Purple Hearts.
ramond soldaczewski wrote on July 27, 2021
Matthew wrote on June 26, 2021
Mr Schroeder,

Thank you for reaching out. I sent you an email. If you haven’t received it can you verify that the address you gave me is correct? Thank you!!! ??
danny schroeder wrote on June 21, 2021
hi mathhew i was with your uncle that day we call him animal my email is dn schroed @aol. com and i tell you more
Matthew wrote on June 17, 2021
Hello heros! My uncle PFC Phillip Hammons was KIA near dodge city on June 23rd 1969. He served in C Co 1/1. I never got a chance to meet him and don’t have any family left to remember him and his sacrifice. If you served with him and can tell me anything about him I sure would appreciate that. God bless all of you.
Blackie wrote on June 2, 2021
A new set of pages - 'Hué Forum' - will be placed on our website... Look for it... We'll be asking for contributions (stories, photos, etc)... The upcoming News letter will have info on the forum, which will be held Fri afternoon 8 Oct of the reunion (per current schedule)... Hué City Vets (ALL companies) pls respond when asked! Semper Fi, Blackie - S-2/SSO & Skipper Bravo