Our Fallen Brothers

In 1965, Marines from the 1st Battalion of the 1st Marine Regiment were deployed to the Republic of Vietnam. More that 50% of those who served with 1/1 on this deployment were either killed or wounded. 567 of those who walked the ground with us perished there.For those who survived, there are the lingering consequences of being in our war: horrible Agent Orange diseases, TBI (traumatic brain injury), PTSD and the enduring emotional scars. We all came back very, very different from when we left.The creation of our memorial in Quantico is a homecoming for our 567 fallen. They are no longer scattered. They are home. And our duty to honor and remember them endures.


Semper Fidelis, Brothers.


-By Robert Koury  

LCpl Timothy Achison, LCpl George Adams, LCpl Peter Adams, LCpl Reimundo Aguilar, LCpl Frank Alcantar, Sgt Herbert Allen, Cpl John Allen, LCpl Robert Allen, Cpl Charles Anderson, 1Lt Daniel Anderson, Pfc Ciro Andreassi, Pfc Michael Angerstein, Pvt Clarence Angus, LCpl John Antonace, Sgt Anthony Armbruster, Pfc Harold Arnold, Pfc Frank August, Pvt Glenn Baer, SSgt Kenneth Baker, Pfc Donald Balkit, Pfc Charles Ball, Cpl Philip Bancroft, Pfc Floyd Banks, LCpl Roy Barnette, Pfc Kenneth Barry, LCpl Michael Bartelme, LCpl William Battle, Pfc Ernest Baynes, Sgt Salvador Bazulto, Pfc Earnest Beam, Cpl James Beck, Pvt Willie Bedford, Pfc Carl Beers, Pfc Oliver Bell, Cpl Cobbie Bentley, LCpl Tommy Berrier, Cpl John Berrios, Cpl William Berryman, LCpl Willard Beverly, Cpl Quinton Bice, LCpl Walter Bienkowski, HM3 Harold Bird, Cpl Lewis Biggers, Cpl William Blair, Pfc William Blessing, LCpl Rojelio Bocanegra, Pfc Leonard Bohner, Pfc Charles Boldt, Pfc Lawrence Bonacci, Pfc Tom Boren, LCpl David Borey, LCpl Larry Bowman, Pfc Henry Boye, Pfc Jimmy Brais, Cpl James Braswell, Pvt Leonard Breaux, Cpl Norris Brenden, Pfc Wesley Brenno, Pfc Delbert Brimmer, Cpl James Britt, Pfc Murry Britton, Pfc Robert Brix, Cpl Margie Brogdon, Pfc Jerry Brooks, Pfc Gerald Brothers, Pfc Darius Brown, LCpl David Brown, Pfc Harve Brown, Pfc Jackie Brown, Pfc Vaughn Brown, LCpl Merrell Brumley, Cpl Gary Bruske, Cpl Nicholas Buffin, HN Vernon Bullin, LCpl Raymond Bunch, LCpl Raymond Burgess, Pfc John Burke, Pfc Walter Burke, Pfc Bruce Burkes, HM3 Harold Butkett, HM3 Robert Burns, Pfc Rocky Burns, LCpl Leonard Burris, Pfc Roy Butts, LCpl Clayton Byers, LCpl M. Bylinowski, LCpl Norman Byrd, Pfc Paul Cabral, LCpl Kevin Cahill, Pfc William Cain, LCpl Roderick Calhoun, LCpl Marlin Callies, Pfc Robert Campbell, Cpl James Cannington, Pfc John Cantlon, Pfc Carlos Carbajal, Pfc Johnnie Cardwell, Pfc Dennis Carlson, Cpl David Carlton, LCpl Donald Carpenter, Pfc William Carpenter, LCpl John Carter, Cpl Richard Carter, 2Lt Michael Casey, Pfc Alfredo Castanon, Pfc John Castillo, Sgt William Cate, Cpl Richard Cesar, Cpl Ernest Chambers, Cpl James Chase, Cpl Grant Clark, LCpl Larry Clark, Pfc Raymond Clark, Pfc Robert Clarke, HM3 Michael Clasen, LCpl Michael Clayton, Pfc Lonnie Cleave, Sgt Claude Cole, Cpl Nathan Cole, Pfc Ronald Coleman, HN Alexander Coles, Pfc Phillip Combs, Pfc Patrick Connors, LCpl Joel Cook, Cpl Richard Coomer, HN Clifford Coons, LCpl Archie Cooper, HM3 David Cooper, LCpl Joe Copeland, Pfc Charles Cornett, SSgt Ronald Corns, 1Lt Allen Courtney, LCpl David Cowart, Cpl Charles Cox, LCpl Travis Crain, Pfc Richard Crawford, Cpl Charles Crockett, LCpl Charles Crosley, Cpl Arthur Crowell, HN David Cummings, Pfc James Cummings, Pfc Hovey Curry, LCpl William Daniels, Cpl James Daugherty, HN Blakely Davis, LCpl Emmett Davis, Pfc James Davis, Pfc Richard Davis, Pfc Samuel Davis, Pfc William Davis, Pfc James De Abre, LCpl Thomas Dean, LCpl Ray Debusk, Pfc Joseph Decker, Pfc Thomas Dell, Cpl Manuel Deluna, Pfc Gail Denham, LCpl Paul Dennis, Cpl Michael Deprofio, LCpl Jerry Dewberry, LCpl Douglas Dickerson, LCpl Eric Dickson, LCpl George Diker, LCpl Arthur Dilworth, Cpl James Dodd, 1Lt Robert Dodson, LCpl Patrick Doran, HM3 Paul Doronzo, Cpl Leon Doucet, LCpl Patrick Doyle, LCpl Richard Ducharme, Pfc Gary Dudley, Pfc Gerald Duffey, Pfc Paul Dumin, LCpl Alberto Dunes, LCpl Lavall Durr, Cpl Michael Dwyer, Cpl David Dye, LCpl Gordon Eadie, Pfc Emmanuel Eaton, Pfc Gary Elford, LCpl Stephen Ellenwood, Cpl David Elliott, Pfc Donald Elmore, LCpl David Elrod, LCpl Gregory Ervin, LCpl Jerry Estes, Pvt Stephen Facchini, Pfc Albert Farrell, HN Gerald Feltner, LCpl Ralph Ferguson, 2Lt Thomas Ferguson, LCpl Jeffery Feser, Cpl Peter Filipiak, Pfc Ronald Filkins, LCpl Joseph Fish, Cpl Frank Fisher, HN Michael Fitzgerald, Pfc Rayes Flores, Pfc Gary Fontenot, Pfc David Ford, LCpl James Fore, Cpl Raymond Fort, LCpl Lander Fraley, Pfc Lawrence Free, Sgt Frank Gagliardo, LCpl John Galabiz, LCpl Eddie Gant, Pfc Miguel Garcia, HM3 John Garner, Sgt Charles Gatewood, Cpl Ivan Gatlin, LCpl John Gemborys, LCpl Bill Gentry, LCpl Timothy Gilkey, Cpl George Gillespie, LCpl Billy Glass, Pfc Larry Glover, Pfc Dennis Glynn, Pfc James Gonano, Sgt Alfredo Gonzalez, Pfc Richard Gordon, Cpl Thomas Goszewski, Cpl Glenn Gradecki, LCpl Bobby Gray, Pfc Edward Gray, LCpl James Gregory, Cpl John Griego, Pfc David Gronau, Pfc Joseph Gucwa, LCpl Edward Guest, Pfc Frank Guichaud, Pfc John Guire, HM3 Daniel Gunn, LCpl Reynaldo Guzman, Pfc James Hagelstein, Cpt Harrison Haley, Pfc Ricky Hall, Pfc Leroy Haller, Pfc Philip Hammons, Pfc Edmond Hampton, Cpl John Hansard, LCpl Fred Hardy, Cpl Raymond Harrell, Pfc Paul Harrington, Pfc Perry Harris, Pfc Charles Hartland, SSgt Lloyd Haskell, LCpl William Hasty, Pfc Robert Hawkins, LCpl Moses Haywood, LCpl Clarence Heckman, Pfc James Heffron, HN David Hemphill, LCpl John Henderson, Pfc Edward Henry, Sgt Marcos Hernandez, Pfc Robert Hernandez, SSgt William Hill, Cpl Michael Hiller, 1Lt Stephen Hilton, Cpt Gary Hoglund, Cpl John Holtman, Cpl Gary Hopkins, Pfc William Hopkins, Pfc Robert Horton, Pfc Fred Hottinger, Cpl Richard Houston, Cpl Jerry Howerton, Pfc Dan Hubbell, Pfc Theodore Hundley, Pfc Wiliam Hunt, Cpl Jimmie Hutcherson, Cpl Garry Ihrig, Pfc Edward Iyndellin, Pfc Arnold Jackson, Pfc George Jackson, Pfc Lehron Jackson, LCpl Kenneth Jamerson, LCpl John Jensen, Cpl John Jensen, HN Richard Jensen, LCpl Charles Johnson, Pfc Eugene Johnson, Pvt John Johnson, SSgt Ralph Johnson, Pfc Joseph Jones, LCpl Michael Jones, LCpl Raymond Jones, LCpl Robert Jordan, LCpl Allan Kalfas, Pfc Gregory Karger, LCpl Peter Kaulback, Pfc Brian Kelly, Cpl Eddie Kelly, LCpl James Kelly, HM3 Robert Kemelmacher, 1Lt Robert Kemp, Pfc Neil Kendall, Pfc John Kenney, Pfc Stanley Kenton, Pfc Anthony Kercoude, Pfc John Kerney, HM2 Anthony Key, Cpl Frederick Killmon, LCpl Bryce Kindrick, Pfc John Kitson, Cpl Albert Klestinec, Pfc Kenton Knapp, LCpl Robert Kolas, Pfc Patrick Kopp, Maj Robert Kurilich, LCpl Thomas La Coste, 2Lt Ivars Lama, LCpl Conrad Lange, Pfc Thomas Langh, Sgt David Langley, LCpl Michael Lavallee, Pfc Larry Leach, LCpl John Le Compte, Pfc E. Ledesma, 2Lt Henry Ledford, Cpl John Lee, Cpl Bruce Le Noue, HM3 Eugene Levickis, 2Lt Walter Levy, Pfc S. Lewandowsky, Pfc Richard Lillis, Pfc Richard Linde, Pfc Charles Lirot, HMC Lewis Long, Pfc Ralph Loundermon, LCpl Larry Ludwig, HM3 Lloyd Luttrell, LCpl Thomas Madison, LCpl Thomas Mahoney, Pfc Carl Mann, Pfc Thomas Mark, LCpl John Marks, Pfc Martin Marquez, HN Charles Martin, LCpl Donald Martin, LCpl Joseph Matt, 1Lt Gordon Matthews, LCpl Michael Matthews, LCpl George Mattocks, LCpl Craig May, LCpl Donald McClanahan, Pfc Kenneth McCoin, SSgt James McCormack, Pfc Paul McEachron, Cpl Roy McEwen, Pfc Charles McFarlin, LCpl Ira McGowan, LCpl Charles McGrath, Pfc Ronald McIntosh, LCpl Michael McLendon, Pfc Wallace McMakin, Pfc Orlando Medina, Cpl James Melvin, LCpl Dennis Merrill, HN Damien Messino, LCpl Gerald Metott, LCpl Michael Micko, Pfc Roger Midthun, LCpl William Mignini, Pfc John Miles, Pfc Christopher Miller, Pfc Gary Miller, LCpl James Miller, LCpl Henry Mitchell, Pfc Donald Mock, Cpl Steven Moll, Pfc Ignacio Montero, LCpl Jerry Moody, LCpl Harry Moore, Pvt Herbert Moore, Pfc Alfred Moreno, LCpl Charles Morgan, LCpl Junior Morgan, Pfc Silbano Morin, Pfc Clenzell Morris, Pfc Wayman Morris, Pfc Wesley Moyle, Pfc Jose Munoz, Cpl David Murphy, Maj Walter Murphy, Pfc Bernard Murray, LCpl Glen Musguire, Cpl Carmelo Navarro, Pfc Cary Neal, Pfc Bruce Nelson, LCpl Daniel Nelson, LCpl Victor Nettles, Cpl Manuel Neves, Sgt Fredrick Nigh, Pfc Benjamin Norton, Pfc Richard Norton, Cpl Carmine Novembre, LCpl Arthur O'Brien, Pfc John Odle, Pfc George Olsen, Cpl Ernest Orendorff, LCpl Eugenio Ortiz, LCpl Steven Ott, Pfc Gary Owens, LCpl John Paddock, Pfc Steve Page, HN David Palmer, LCpl Steven Palmquist, Pfc Jerry Patrick, LCpl Phillip Paule, Pfc Herman Payne, LCpl Ronald Pearson, 2Lt Terry Pensoneau, Pfc Ernesto Perez, Cpl William Perkins**, Pfc Edgar Peterson, LCpl Timm Peterson, HM3 R. Pinsonnault, LCpl James Pintar, LCpl William Pless, Sgt Larry Pliler, LCpl Donald Pope, Pfc Bartow Potts, LCpl Carroll Powell, LCpl William Predovic, Pfc Paul Presser, Pfc Alvin Preston, LCpl Benny Prestwood, Pfc Chester Radgowski, Pfc Christopher Raimey, LCpl Gary Ream, LCpl Joaquim Rebelo, HM2 David Reck, Cpl Ronnie Reeder, Pfc Gregory Reeves, LCpl John Reeves, HM3 Ronald Reinke, HN Guadalupe Rendon, Cpl Gilbert Reyes, LCpl William Reyes, Cpl Samuel Reyna, Pfc Larry Rhodes, Pfc John Roberts, 2Lt Clifton Robertson, LCpl Phillip Roepke, LCpl Michael Romanko, Pfc Robert Ross, Pfc Gary Rosser, Sgt Sharber Rowe, LCpl Edward Rozell, Pfc Blane Ruby, Pfc Russell Ruffner, Cpl Andrew Ruiz, Cpl Richard Rumley, GSgt Charles Rush, Cpl Danny Rutherford, Pfc Jose Salazar, Pfc Wilfred Sam, LCpl Gerard Sanders, Pfc Dwight Satterwhite, LCpl Frank Saxon, Cpl Frank Scarpulla, LCpl Louis Schautteet, LCpl James Schibi, LCpl Harold Schock, LCpl Peter Schramm, HM3 Steven Schultz, Sgt Charles Scott, Pfc Karl Schwanbeck, LCpl K. Seiberling, Cpl Philip Sens, LCpl Monty Sewell, LCpl Richard Sharp, Pfc John Shiner, 1Lt Serge Simmons, LCpl Michael Simon, LCpl Danny Simpson, Cpl John Simpson, HA Michael Sims, LCpl Christopher Six, Cpl John Skalba, SSgt Booker Smith, Cpl Dennis Smith, Pfc Paul Smith, LCpl Stanley Smith, 2Lt Paul Smithson, LCpl Victor Spadaro, Cpl Wayne Spellman, Cpl Bernard StJean, LCpl Gordon Stoflet, LCpl Chesley Story, Pfc Gwyman Stribbling, Cpl James Stroble, Cpl Roger Stroud, Sgt Eveans Stults, Pfc Daniel Stutler, LCpl Gerald Subler, Pfc John Sullivan, Pfc Charles Sutherland, Cpl Jack Sutton, HN Patrick Sweeney, LCpl Francisco Tamayo, LCpl Aouliulitau Taufi, Pfc Belmiro Tavares, Pfc Dennis Taylor, LCpl James Taylor, Pfc Louis Taylor, LCpl Terry Taylor, LCpl Michael Tecco, LCpl Gary Teeter, SSgt Paul Tersteege, Pfc James Tewksbury, LCpl Thomas Thatcher, HM3 Michael Thirkettle, HN James Thomas, Pfc John Thomas, Pfc Joseph Thomas, LCpl Louis Thompson, LCpl Larry Thrasher, Pvt Robert Todd, Cpl Francis Toenyan, Pvt Santiago Torres, Sgt Richard Toschi, Cpl John Touart, LCpl Donald Trantham, Pfc Jose Trejo, Pfc Gary Trujillo, GSgt Joseph Trujillo, Pfc Thomas Tucker, Pfc Daniel Tuell, LCpl Donald Tuyes, HN Phil Valdez, LCpl Juan Valtierra, LCpl Mark Vanderheid, LCpl Carmelo Vasquez, LCpl David Vautour, Pfc Hilario Villanueva, Cpl William Vohs, Pfc Thomas Walker, Pfc Roger Walton, LCpl Coley Washington, LCpl Dan Washington, LCpl James Watkins, LCpl Doyle Weaver, Pfc David Weber, LCpl Ronnie Weese, Cpl Robert Wenger, Sgt William West, LCpl Craig White, Cpl Eugene White, Pfc Raymond White, SSgt Tracy Whoolery, Pvt Harold Wilberton, LCpl Howard Williams, LCpl James Williams, Cpl Larry Williams, LCpl Robert Williams, Cpl Samuel Williams, Pfc David Wilson, Pfc Robert Wilson, Pfc Jon Woodard, LCpl Raymond Woodson, Pfc Richard Wucinski, LCpl Ronald Yanchar, Pfc Frankie Young,