My name is Glenn Griffin 2303115, Delta Company radioman in 1967-68. I am currently a Board Member of the 1st Battalion 1st Marines Vietnam Reunion Organization. My job is currently the Chairman of the Bi-Laws and an at large member. For many years I avoided attending reunions other than small groups of former squad and platoon members. In 2003 I attended my first 1/1 reunion and since then almost every other year. Also I joined Khe Sanh Veterans Organization and have attended annual reunions with that group. Getting together with buddies who experienced the lovely trip to the Nam has helped ease the long-withheld emotions and painful memories many of us have lived with for 50 plus years now. If you have never attended a reunion I recommend you give it a try. 

We are drawing closer to this year’s event to be held in San Diego October 23 through 26. You can get the entire scoop and itinerary on our website 1st Battalion 1st Marines Vietnam Reunion, schedule of events, hotel info, and registration form. The committee has put together a great schedule of events to ensure a great time for all Marines and their families. 

The new website also has many great features to explore and the ability to reach out to locate and communicate with old foxhole/hooch buddies etc. I guarantee you will spend hours on the site itself researching the many operations and our history from 1965-71. 

In closing, I suggest you fall in and join the formation of 1/1 that will be reuniting in San Diego in October. In addition please spread the word to anyone who you communicate with who may not be aware of the opportunity to attend what will be a great reunion. 


Delta 1/1 67-68