Bill Kendle
Treasurer and Co-Webmaster

Introduction: I met several of you at the last reunion in 2017. I was your first contact at the registration desk as you filed in. My name is Bill Kendle. I was in VN 68/69. MOS 2531, field radio operator. I was Injured while TAD to 2/1 by an RPG on May 13th 69. The firefight initiated that night with me as the headliner.

Our Board of Directors asked if I would serve on the Board as Treasurer. I accepted the nomination and will wait for your vote of confidence at our upcoming reunion this October. Also, my son Nick and I developed the new web page that you’re currently viewing. Countless hours were invested in the site designed for user-friendly access and ease of participation.

We now need your help to get us further along with the website. We have included in this newsletter the names of those who did not receive our emails. Please take the time to look those individuals over and pass along current email info to me so that we can also reach out to them. On the web page, go to the News tab, click the tab to begin browsing the list of names.

Website:. We remain a work in progress. Lost are all the pictures you submitted to the previous site. We want to bring that back to life. With your help, we can all contribute to that end. Photos that you would like posted will be organized by Company and year in VN. Make sure you label the images the best you can recollect. Names, locations, approximate date and caption if you desire. We will do the best we can to get them posted well before reunion time in October. To make the photo update mission as simple as possible, could you e-mail that info to me directly, Best bet is to keep them in a jpeg configuration. If I receive pictures that are not legible, I will get back to you and work out the details.

In addition to the Medal of Honor Recipients within our site, we have added a drop-down tab for Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Hearts. If you have received any of these awards, go to the respective page and submit the information to me. For Navy Cross, Silver and Bronze Star: include your citation if you still have it.

As co-webmaster, we were able to reach out last October to over 750 active Marines. Our mailing consisted of 930+ addresses, but some remain not notified. Again, with your help, we can further this list. As your treasurer from the Board of Directors, it’s also important to advise you that none of your committee members have received or requested reimbursement for their time or associated financial costs. Each member did so without placing overhead on the budget of 1/1. It was a personal monetary donation on their behalf for the furtherance of our organization. Our promise to you as members is to be fiscally and financially accountable to you, our membership.

Financials: It is the intent of the Board of Directors and within our bylaws to keep you informed about our financial status on an ongoing basis. Financial reports will also be delivered to you via this website quarterly. Anyone who wants to review a copy of our year-end form 990’s will have access to that information. The Committee’s responsibility is to approve the budget and disseminate it to the membership for final approval. We will accomplish that at our October meeting.

I was instructed by the Board of Directors to establish a bank account recognized by both State and Federal guidelines. We are registered as a Corporation and Licensed to do business as a Not-for-Profit in the State of Minnesota. They are both separate entities that must be set up individually to practice legally in MN. Also, I applied to the IRS and received a Federal Tax I.D. so that we could set up banking. In the future, if 1/1 would like to establish itself as a 501c (19) Not for Profit, that will be up to the Committee and you the membership to decide. The Board of Directors also acted prudently to require (2) two signatures on each check issued. The accounting expense and deposit information will be available to you at your written request and during the 2019 Battalion Meeting. Currently, we have $1040.00 in the bank, deposited on December 13th. No expenditures to report.

The 1/1 Reunion Fund needs your registrations in as soon as practical for you. Our operating capital needs to grow to the point that we are liquid enough to start securing future commitments. You can help by getting your registrations in now. For some of you, budgeting until the end is the only way to make the reunion doable. We understand, do what’s best for you.

As an aside, Eddie Neas, (the Board Vice Chair) brought up the idea of setting up a Go-Fund-Me Site so that we can assist 1/1 Marines financially to help make all reunion’s possible. I think it’s a fantastic idea. We will provide you with an update in our April Newsletter.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at

Regards and Semper Fi

-Bill Kendle
Co-Webmaster with my son Nick, and Board Treasurer